Our Mission
"Dara" Presidential Initiatives Foundation
The Foundation facilitates the implementation of presidential initiatives by engaging and supporting through its activities citizens of the country aspiring to realize their potential for the nation's development
Our values
Public Significance and Effectiveness
We value projects that have a real positive impact on society and citizens, contributing to the improvement of their lives and well-being.
Openness and Accountability
We adhere to transparency in our activities, ensuring honest and responsible management of resources and projects.
Trust and Collaboration
We place great importance on fostering trust in our work. We value an atmosphere of cooperation and support in which we can advance our mission and objectives.
Sustainability and Professionalism
We adhere to sustainable practices and strive for high professionalism in the implementation of our projects.
Strategic Directions
  • -1-
    Promoting the Cultural Heritage of KazakhstanW
  • -2-
    Fostering Conscious Citizenship among Kazakhstani Citizens
  • -3-
    Facilitating the Systematic Development of the Creative Industry in Kazakhstan
Our Projects
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Our Partners

If you want to become a partner or sponsor, please contact us: info@daraqory.kz
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"Dara" Presidential Initiatives Foundation
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